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10 Reasons to use Linus Revive Business Continuity Management System

1. Everything you need to respond to and recover from an event - Disaster Response

Get what you need when you need it. 
When a disruption event strikes, you need a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that will tell you exactly what you need to know:

WHAT – do you do first? 
WHEN – does it need to be done?
WHERE – does it go? 
WHO – responds? Needs it?  Restores it?
HOW – will they respond? Will it be restored?

Make it easy for staff to find out what they need to do during Disaster Response.
Linus Revive segments information into rational, Team-specific structures and tells you What, When, Where, Who and How.

2. Manage your Business Continuity from Business Impact Analysis through to Exercising

Linus Revive covers all aspects of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Lifecycle - from Business Impact Analysis, through Strategies and Procedures, to Exercising, via Program Management.

Keep everything up-to-date with Program Management
BCM becomes a measurable process.  
Linus Revive provides the tools to implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) regime as specified in current international BC Standards ISO 22301 and ISO 22313.

Make sure you are covered by Exercising or Testing your Business Continuity (BC) Plans
Having a BC Plan is not enough – you need to know that it will work if you ever need to use it.
The Linus Revive Exercising module helps you manage your Exercising program throughout your organisation so that your BCM capability is fit for purpose.

Make it easier to manage your BCM Program
Linus Revive helps make your job easier, with:

  • Resource Dependency Mapping
  • Fully-flexible Organisational and Geographical Structure
  • Easy data entry and maintenance using Drag-and-Drop and Tree-view
  • Full Maintenance utilities including Security and Audit.

3. Intelligent BC Plans based on analysis of your data

Get what you need to know with Intelligent Analysis
Know exactly what you need – no more delays or wasted resources.
Linus Revive analyses your data and provides what you need to know to avoid costly delays and waste.

Flexible and Current BC Plans with Dynamic Update
Recovery plans and procedures reflect the needs of the business at the time of the event.
Total flexibility is provided through real-time data update which means you can make changes to your information and it will be reflected throughout all your data and Plans, immediately.

This enables recovery re-sequencing decisions to be made that could NOT be pre-planned, estimated or considered prior to the disaster.

4. BC Plans for the part of the organisation affected by the event

No need to wade through piles of data to get to what you need as Linus Revive can give you information for the part of the organisation affected by the event only – the whole organisation, a floor, a Business Unit, a Resource etc.

When an event occurs, you can select the part of your organisation that is affected and Linus Revive will produce BC Plans for that area only, so you only get what you need.

5. Integrated Risk Management and Emergency Notification

Risk Management and Emergency Notification are integrated with your Business Continuity Management in Linus Revive.

6. Compliant with International Standards

Linus Revive is fully aligned to current international Standards, including ISO 22301, ISO 22313 and SS540.

7. Different Licence Types for different Users

Linus Revive is available in 5 different licence types for different types of Users.

8. Productivity Tools to make Business Continuity Management easy

Familiar Tools are easy to use
Linus Revive is fully integrated with familiar, common-use tools to increase familiarity and decrease training requirements and time to get going.  Linus Revive uses:

  • MS-Word for Procedures and Plans
  • MS-Project to manage Response and Recovery activities
  • MS-Windows Explorer for data entry and maintenance functionality
  • MS-Visio to generate organisation and Team charts
  • MS-Excel for BIA data import.

Language flexibility – make Linus Revive your own
Any language can be used in Linus Revive, including double byte character languages such as Chinese or Korean.

Screen and Report headings, labels and field names can be changed to suit organisational terminology and spoken language.

On-line, contextual Help Screens can be fully edited to include prompts, task lists, instructions, notes or anything you need.

Changes can be global, regional, departmental or individual for each User.

9. Fully portable to recover in the field using your Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad or Laptop

Linus Revive is fully portable and can be used out of the Office, in the field, for Recovery activities.

Linus Revive works on all platforms, including

  • iOS - iPhone, iPad
  • Android - Smart Phones, Tablets
  • PC - Laptop
  • Blackberry.

10. Subscribe to a fully-hosted cloud solution, install in-house, or both

Linus Revive can be accessed via "the cloud", installed on your own systems, or both!

The Linus Revive hosted cloud solution, Linus Revive Enterprise Online, can be accessed anywhere, any time. Residing in "the Cloud" there is no reliance on your own internal IT systems which may be affected by the disruption event.

In-house installation allows you to keep total control of your Business Continuity data if control is a concern.

A combination of both allows access to your information anywhere, any time, including when your IT systems and/or the internet are affected by a disruption event.

See why our Clients recommend Linus Revive.

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