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BCM Health Check

Can your organisation be certain that you can:

  • Respond to any disruption event, irrespective of its nature or cause?
  • Recover key business operations for critical business activities and resources?

Linus's experience shows that while organisations may have a BCM Plan it is quite often insufficient and relying on this documentation will have catastrophic results when a disruption event or disaster occurs.

The Linus BCM Health Check is a comprehensive review of your existing BCM documentation including a detailed review of your BCM framework for adequacy and compliance with BCM best practices underpinned by:

  • International standards:
    • ISO22301: Societal security — Business continuity management systems — Requirements
    • ISO22313: Societal security — Business continuity management systems — Guidelines
    • ISO31000: Risk management— Principles and guidelines
  • The Business Continuity Institute Good Practice Guide (BCI GPG)
  • APRA Prudential Standard CPS232 and SPS232 (if applicable) or other associated regulatory requirements.

The Linus BCM Health Check reviews the following areas:

  1. BCM frameworks and Governance process
  2. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  3. Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)
  4. Recovery strategies
  5. Emergency Response
  6. BCM Plan Exercising
  7. BCM review process
  8. Communications methods and management, both internally and externally
  9. BCM documentation accessibility and document management control
  10. BCM Program Management.

A Linus BCM Health Check Report will be produced following the documentation review which will detail:

  • The strengths and weaknesses in your BCM Plan
  • Potential threats which must be addressed
  • A high-level schedule to mitigate the gaps.

To finalise the BCM Health Check, Linus will present the findings to your Executive Management for review and discussion.

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