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Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Business Impact Analysis (BIA):

  • Determines the impact on the organisation if a business function is unavailable
  • Identifies resources that support the affected business functions.

ISO 22301, Section 3.8, defines the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) as the

  • process of analyzing actitivites and the effect that a business disruption might have upon them.

ISO 22301 defines what a BIA is and how you do it, focusing on business activities and the effect of business disruption on those business activities.

The emphasis is on analysing what happens when the business disruption occurs, not if it occurs.

Linus recommends that key representatives from each business area (i.e. the Business Manager) provide the information for the BIA in a Workshop setting, as collaboration encourages outcomes which are beneficial for the business as a whole e.g. prioritisation.

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