It’s been a month since I attended and participated at the 2014 BCI Australasian Summit. Firstly, hats off to the organising group both for logistics and the array of speakers. While a highlight for me was the dodgem cars and winning five of my eight races, the Summit itself was an excellent event. I often found myself torn between which presentations to attend, as the program offered an enticing combination of core and niche aspects of BCM.

For me, one of the standout presentations was, ‘Is your team really the right team?’ by CCMS. It provided great insights into the way the human brain processes information and deals with stressful situations. The session highlighted why we need to recognise that people process and manage stress in very different ways. The trick is to recognise these differences in stress management during the selection process for Response Team members to ensure the right balance amongst the team.

During my own presentation, ‘Right-sizing your BC capability,’ I was surprised to note the number of delegates who admitted to me that right-sizing was an issue for them. Primarily this was caused by IT DR being implemented before formal BCM processes were undertaken, with the rationale for that capability being somewhat dubious.

With a clear plan from the beginning, these delegates could have side-stepped their problem of an ill-fitting BC capability altogether. To anyone is the same position as those delegates, I suggest they follow these three steps:

1. Undertake a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to tag each business activity with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO);
2. Identify the critical resources (including software applications) those business activities require. This allows you to tag each resource with an RTO; and
3. Assess the actual time taken to currently restore or recover the resource (e.g. software application). A gap between the actual time and the RTO of the resource is indicative of your organisation spending too much or too little on its BC capability.

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