The Linus team is very excited to announce that our very own Saul Midler has just attained Fellow level of membership within the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI), extolling him as one of the highest trained BC practitioners in the world.

For Saul Midler, Linus’ Managing Director, attaining the Fellow (FBCI) level of membership, is both a personal and professional achievement.

“I’ve been working with businesses, helping them to right size their business continuity capabilities for over 20 years now, and it seems to me, that it’s not only more important these days than ever before, it’s easier to achieve with modern technology,” explains Saul.

Attaining Fellow (FBCI) level within the Business Continuity Institute means Saul is now one of only a handful of Business Continuity practitioners in Australia with this level of expertise.

“The Fellow (FBCI) level of membership is restricted to the most experienced practitioners. I believe there are only 125 of us in the world,” says Saul.

In order to achieve this grade of membership, Saul has had to achieve a significant number of criteria, specified by the international Business Continuity community. Both Saul’s experience and his ongoing contribution to both the Business Continuity Institute and the Business Continuity community as a whole, are the primary impetus behind this achievement.

Saul is currently the BCI Australasia representative to Standards Australia. Saul was appointed to this role to assist the development and refinement of the International and Australian Standards relating to Business Continuity and Resilience.

A sought after presenter, Saul has delivered over 46 presentations and workshops at industry conferences within Australia and nine at international events.

Saul is the author of numerous articles published in several business magazines and has initiated the research of and written whitepapers that he shares freely with other businesses, to help them better understand business continuity planning and various management solutions.

The Fellow (FBCI) level of membership comes after Saul was awarded Global Business Continuity Consultant of the Year for 2013 and Australasian Business Continuity Consultant of the Year for 2013.

“I am appreciative and honoured by this recognition.” explains Saul. “I believe that having the current Global BCI Consultant of the Year and active Fellows of the BCI working in the Australian BC Industry strengthens Australia’s position as a global leader.”

Saul isn’t the only award winner at Linus.  Linus Revive is a multi-award winning, end-to-end Business Continuity Management Software, that can address all phases of the BCM Life Cycle, including: BIA, Emergency Response, Risk Management, Strategies, Procedures, Exercising and Programme Management.

As a business wanting to improve your business continuity capabilities and planning, you can benefit from Saul’s vast experience.

See how Saul Midler and Linus Revive can help you right size your business continuity capabilities, contact us on 03 9017 2119 or email