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Linus Revive v9.3

New Features:

Enhanced BC Plans allow you to respond more efficiently 

  • Simultaneous Plan generation - enables various Response and Recovery Teams to generate or update their own Plans independently while still maintaining the sequencing and timing of recovery as determined by the CMT.
  •  Multi-Template Library – Plan and Procedure templates can be defined at an Organisation, Department or Individual User level, allowing maximum customisation while maintaining integrated and automated content maintenance.

  •  Multi-facet BC Plan – generate a Plan based on one or more:
    • Teams;
    • Locations; and/or
    • Resources.

Updated Program Management improves accountability

  • New Review Types including Plan creation and update.

  • New Program Management reporting metrics assist in managing and maintaining the currency of corporate BCM data.

Reporting upgrades provide better information

  • Business Activity Reporting provides greater flexibility in the way information is reported.

  • New Team Activation report cross-matches individual Team members to their various Plans and Procedures - important for Plan maintenance and activation.

Improved Usability saves you time

  • Performance improvement provides much faster screen response and report generation.

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