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Department of Health and Human Services

“The structure of the Revive application is one that provides a common, repeatable BIA evaluation process that is simple to use and meets current and planned standards for Australia.  The BIA user workflow mirrors the application structure of identification, evaluation, analysis and service deconstruct (identifies resources) and is easily followed and comprehended by service/function owners.”

“Disaster Response - While the Business Continuity Management process produces contingency plans, the quality of the BC planning is only truly assessed when implementing the developed plans during testing or a disruption.  The Revive disaster response application structure being able to provide scheduling and tasking of recovery activities integrates with standard Incident Control Systems (ICS).”

“For a large diverse organisation such as my work environment, the Revive Disaster Response application process and capability provided, is critical to ensuring prioritised services/functions are recovered to the RTOs at the agreed minimum accepted service level with the identified resources required.  The flexibility of the Revive application to be able to simply implement RTO changes as might arise from political or business imperatives at the time of the disruption provides seamless reprioritisation for the identified contingency implementation.”

Manager, Business Continuity
Department of Health and Human Services

CitiPower Pty and Powercor Australia Ltd

“The real work of Business Continuity Planning isn't gathering the data, it’s what you do with it and how you use it to prepare.  Revive makes this complicated task easy with flexible reports and planning options.”

“The support provided by the Linus team is personal and timely.  Being able to directly access the support people is reassuring and reflects the client-focussed attitude of the company.”

Manager, Risk Management
CitiPower Pty and Powercor Australia Ltd

The Royal Automobile Club of WA (Inc.)

“Linus Revive provides us with a comprehensive system that enables the capture and recording of all of our Business Continuity plans into a single data base.  Using Revive greatly assists us in maintaining BC standards, ensuring consistency in terminology, and uniformity in approach and the application of business continuity planning principles across all business areas, including a number of individual sites.”

“Having an integrated and structured approach to developing business recovery plans including, function recovery, resource recovery, recovery times and contingency locations is essential to managing these activities in an orderly and timely manner.”

“The ability to be able to interrogate the data base in multiple ways, and the provision of comprehensive reporting from Revive, simplifies the management of business continuity.”

“The support provided by the Linus team has been of a very high standard.  They attend to queries or problems in a timely and comprehensive manner and provide logical solutions or options.  We experienced some problems in recently moving on the REO hosted application however in conjunction with our ICT team these were quickly sorted by Mike and his team. “

Manager, Group Risk and Compliance
The Royal Automobile Club of WA (Inc.)

Department of Primary Industries

"As the Manager, Business Continuity for a large public agency, I have found the Linus REVIVE tool the right software solution for implementing and delivering Business Continuity Management, due to its well structured process workflow, right from the business function identification and subsequent business impact analysis through to the delivery of business contingency plans. Of real value is it's handling of resources allocation and recovery quantities and timings, associated with the business functions. Its extensive reporting capabilities, in particular the "Green Book" reports provides the recovery teams with a single report snapshots of a potential site loss impacts and resource recovery requirements. A very comprehensive BCM software tool."

"We recently had a real incident that took our head office out for two days. Linus Revive Online gave us the immediate business continuity impacts and contingency strategies via the details in the Green Book. This allowed us to ascertain what were the priority business functions to (be) relocated and by having staff resources assigning as CPMs we were able to quickly identify those key staff numbers linked to those priority business functions, allowing for immediate contingency activation."

Business Resilience Manager
Department of Primary Industries

Ergon Energy

“Revive performs real resource allocation analysis, telling you what resources you need, how many you need, where to deliver them, within what time frame and who is going to delivery them – its changed the way we understand Business Recovery”

BCM Manager
Ergon Energy

Department of Planning and Community Development

"Revive Enterprise Online (REO) has successfully supported the Department of Planning & Community Development in its response to 2 incidents since August 2009.  REO is supported by a methodology which complies with current world wide BCM standards and regulations.  It provides our organisation with a structured approach for recovering our business through the:

  1. Generation of specific information and procedures relevant to the impact of an incident;
  2. Organisation of information into logical team specific structures for ease of access and use.

REO assists our organisation in the:

  1. Development and documentation of our business requirements including, business functions, Recovery Time Objectives, resources, resource survival profiles and contingency locations;
  2. Maintenance of information about our business and contingency sites, organisational structure, contacts, team structures, roles and responsibilities;
  3. Development and capture of strategies for the recovery of business functions and resources;
  4. Development and documentation of our emergency response, contingency and business recovery procedures;
  5. Support of our exercising and audit regimes;
  6. Support of our disaster response through the generation of procedures, team and contact details and reports which prioritise the restoration of functions and resources to suit the scale and geography of a disruption to our business.

DPCD has found Revive Enterprise Online (REO) to be easy to use and scalable for use by both large and small organisations.  It captures the varied geographical and functional characteristics of our business and provides us with both global and business specific views of our organisation.  REO:

  1. Integrates with our organisation’s standard operating software eg. MS Word, MS Visio and MS Excel for the development and generation of procedures, reports, charts of team and organisational structures etc.;
  2. Supports the import and export of data which our organisation primarily uses for the import data from our Business Impact Analysis workshops and the export of mobile numbers for use by our crisis text messaging tool;
  3. Applies analysis algorithms to logistical data to assist in determining our continuity and recovery needs;
  4. Ensures that our plan is accessible in the event of an operational disruption to our organisation and in the unlikely event that the REO facility is offline at the same;
  5. Is supported by a strong and responsive User Group which has contributed to some significant enhancements to the product. 

Our organisation continues to make use of the good ongoing support provided by a team of BC professionals." 

Business Continuity Manager
Department of Planning and Community Development

Royal District Nursing Service

“LINUS Revive, does what LINUS said it would do – provide an easy to use holistic platform for building and managing our BC capability. Revive’s resource view of the RDNS world has allowed us to truly understand the BC needs of our organisation”

Manager – Safety Health & Environment
Royal District Nursing Service

Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council, Canada

"I thoroughly recommend Linus Revive to anybody looking to enhance a company's business continuity capabilities for two main reasons: the application itself as well as the people behind it.

Linus Revive is an application that allows you to focus your continuity efforts on availability of resources rather than on planning for different disruption scenarios. Let's face it; when disaster strikes you don't care that much about what caused it as opposed to getting your resources up and running so they can continue carrying out your business processes. That's what is important in my view; and the design philosophy behind the application matches that thinking perfectly well.

The product is more than the software - no matter how good an application is it must be supported by a strong group of people. And that's what I found the Linus team excels at. For starters, they always look to remain in contact with their customers via Webcasts and other means. They take user suggestions and feedback seriously and incorporate it on future product releases. Requests for assistance are always promptly addressed, even when taking into account the time zone difference between our location and their Victoria, Australia headquarters. More importantly, I've had the pleasure of dealing with them by phone, e-mail and in person, and the professionalism and depth of knowledge they bring into the table has never ceased to impress me.

I know there are other quality products out there; but I would not hesitate to give Linus Revive very high rates in terms of quality and customer service; which, at the end, is what you're looking for in any product or service you may be interested in."

Toronto CANADA

Department of Primary Industries

"Revive provides us with a single, manageable and consistent repository for all the components required to successfully manage our BC requirements. The containment of all the required information in a single repository has significant benefits for our organisation in managing BC in line with our policy requirements. The fact that each module is linked and interrelates to the other modules provides a powerful tool for recording all the data requirements under a well managed and articulate BC plan.

With the advantages of having an SQL database as the back end, the reporting and relational data base queries provide us with information that can be targeted for our requirements when reviewing, reporting and activating our Business Continuity Plan. The collation of the data into the Critical Function and Critical Resources and the various “pre-incident reports” also allows the BC group to provide information to and work with the various Function owners in refining, testing and validating their requirements in readiness to declare. In some areas this has resulted in the identification of business risks which had not previously been apparent using the normal methods of risk assessment. It has also lead to businesses identifying gaps in their own business processes.

From our point of view we have had to implement our Business Continuity Plans, in a practical sense, on a number of occasions in recent history. The ability to get access to key information and reports in a short time frame is a key element for us to successfully manage an incident and meet the expectations of our internal and external stakeholders.

In the hands of a good operator the reports and information can be generated with in minutes and provided to the Incident Management Team (or similar) who then can commence the tasks of managing the incident. This for us is important as it allows the Incident Management Team to focus on the incident without the need to “chase” information. It is all there in the reports, including key resources required, multiple strategies and key business information plus much more in a concise package.

Another plus is that the ROI for us is excellent, with the product requiring minimal expertise to operate and little administrative requirements in relation to the back office components."

Senior Coordinator, Business Continuity
Department of Primary Industries

Monash University

“Revive has added significant value in our ability to define IT DRP based on the business need of the organisation. It has helped us significantly to scope and identify key areas of concern within the organisation and highlighted areas requiring improvement.”

IT Continuity & Risk Analyst
Infrastructure Services ITS
Monash University

Metropolitan Ambulance Service

“Revive is a very useful tool to capture and link a large amount of information.  Data entry into Revive is relatively easy.  The reporting function works well and provides a wide range of reports throughout the different phases of the BCM cycle. It is so much easier and more practical than using cumbersome spreadsheets”

Risk & Business Continuity Coordinator
Metropolitan Ambulance Service

The Royal Automobile Company of WA

“Linus Revive will enable us to bring together the BCM logistics of a number of operational sites and provides us with a complete view of the recovery requirements for the entire organisation”

Group Manager - Risk and Compliance
The Royal Automobile Company of WA

Department of Planning and Community Development

“Revive BCM System which consists of a world-class BCM methodology and software has allowed me to be in total control of our BC information – a tough requirement given the operational diversity and geographic spread of our Government Department”

Business Continuity Manager
Department of Planning and Community Development

Knight Frank Australia

"The Linus Revive solution has provided Knight Frank with an easy to use solution for a complex business problem. The various Recovery Director reports are critical to managing business recovery as they concisely list which business functions and resources are needed, by when and to where.

These reports will be our 'bible' in the event of a disaster. Revive is the only product that I've seen that can do logistical allocation of resources over time - way beyond anything that a spreadsheet can provide.

The thing that I like the most though is that I am part of a Revive user group. Together with other organisations that use Revive we are able to contribute to the enhancement of the software over time. We all share in the good ideas of all users because the Linus guys really listen to our needs and enhance Revive's functionality."

BC Manager
Knight Frank Australia

Department of Victorian Communities

"The Department for Victorian Communities (DVC) engaged Linus in February2005 to assist in the development of the Department's BCM capability. Linus provided a clear methodology that suited the needs of DVC, supported by the Revive software tool to ensure that BC information is kept up to date. I was impressed with the flexible approach adopted by Linus to coach DVC Executives and staff to develop a new Departmental capability."

Director Business Systems and Projects
Department of Victorian Communities

Lincoln Indicators

"Your team’s professional and structured approach was certainly a key contributor towards the success of the entire process. You must be congratulated on this. "

Tim Lincoln
Managing Director
Lincoln Indicators Pty Limited

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